We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kiker-Hiker family BBQ

Lewis and Ruby came over yesterday for some nice hangout. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW SMALL LEWIS IS?! In this picture he is wearing his dad's old shirt and a pair of old jeans that are too small for Phil and still too big for Lewis.

My Boo is home! We look gross but its the only picture of us so oh, well. The humidity yesterday was killer.Ruby and I went to the wednight farmers market and got some corn and veggies. we also picked 2 ears from our garden to BBQ.

We found these adorable baby squashes/squish at the market as well.

My teammate! I forget how wonderful it is having her home and throwing a last minute bbq together, our specialty. We always make the best team in the kitchen.Garden Delights. fresh mint for mojitos and tomatoes and basil. Gardening brings great rewards!

My husband the engineer created a fruit picker out of a hard hat, garage lock-hook, painters extension pole and some other things. Bi-golly it works great!

Beka is going to clean the tree and do some canning. I'm to overwhelmed with the other veggies in the garden going to waste because I haven't canned them to try and can fruit too. Maybe next year.

Oh hey beka. Thanks for bringing over sausage. Always a crowd pleaser.


Alison said...

Lewis is so tiny it's like I'm missing half of my brother!

Sarah and the City said...

fun fun fun! ruby's hair is so long and curly, very cute miss roobs.

Janelle said...

Hey do you know when the expect to finish the trail?? Dustin and I would love to be there to welcome them home for good! Let me know!!!

Anonymous said...

It's impressive to see how Lewis got so tiny!!
The baby squashes/squish look fantastic.....yummy!!