We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bikram Yoga

Tuesday night my lil' bro and I had a slumber/party date. Our initial plan was to workout together then go out to eat but I'm sick so I thought I would introduce him to yoga. Something gentle and relaxing at my gym but then we stepped it up a notch and decided to do Bikram Yoga(hot yoga) in southtown. It was so fun to introduce Kenny to something new.

I called Ben to double check if it is ok to do Bikram Yoga while sick and he recommended that it would help my cold.

I did try Bikram about 2 or 3yrs ago and loved it! Let me tell you my experience this time.

How was the temperature? our insructor said it was about 98 but extra humid from the weather so it felt hotter. Other people in the class who are regulars agreed it seemed extra hot.

How were the postures? I could definitely tell I've lost some flexibility since my last time. I remember being able to attempt every posture. There were some I couldnt do.

How was the teacher? My teacher was interesting and a little odd. I during rest times she was REALLY selling yoga and it was a bit distracting. She brought out a book written by Bikram and was reading us chapters. But she was really nice and very helpful. She remember our names and helped us with postures. Very encouraging.

How much did you sweat? I remembered to wear less clothes this time around and they were drenched. DRENCHED! I never have beads of sweat when I work out, I just get red. But this time everytime I looked down a stream would run off my nose, or when I layed down I'd get sweat in my eyes.

How did you body react during? Unlike the first time, this time I did get dizzy and had to sit down. I was really pushing myself and disappointed that I had to sit. I know I'm sick, that could have had something to do with it. I also had to hydrate more than last time.

How did it affect your cold? In all honesty during the 90min session my throat felt better. I woke up today feeling more sick but last night I felt better.

How did you body react after? Unlike last time when I had more energy then ever, this time I was exhausted. Beat, wiped. But emotionally I was totally energized. I think because of the dizziness and over coming the feelings of wanting to quit I mentally felt like a champion.

What did you do after to recover?
As Ben recomended I went to the coop and bought coconut water(tasty). Showered with a shower soother(awesome tablets found at the store that releases vapors in the shower) then had a veggie loaded salad.

How does your body feel today? I'm my back is a little sore.

What do I think about it now? Well, Im not ready to quit my gym membership and become a yogi but I do want to try it a few more times when I'm not sick. Phil has been wanting to try it too. I looked online and it said I burn 600-900cals per 90min session. THAT IS AWESOME! Phil is interested in increasing his flexibility because as you get older you get more injuries. And its great to have another thing we like to do together.

How has it changed the way I think? Well with aaall the sweating it made me want to use all natural, organic shampoo, deodorant and skin care. With all the sweat in my eyes and old mascara coming off I realized I don't want any unatural chemicals on my body. Once I run out of my current products I'm restocking at the co-op. Same with my detergents. My clothes were drenched so any soap that didn't get rinsed out was now on my body. It will be a little more expensive to shop at the co-op so I'll have to see what Phil thinks.

What will I do different next time? I will bring 2 towels. I will drink more water throughout the day before the class. I will bring shower stuff to shower there(it was sick driving home) I will wear even less clothes.


Anonymous said...

When is Phil going to try Bikram? Love your blog :)

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