We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Slumber Party

This weekend was the longest Phil and I have had Emma for a slumber party. I usually get her after work but we got her a full 28hrs, Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.

Jenn brought Bem over when I woke up on Saturday. We went on a walk to the grocery store to buy items for breakfast(her lunch) and we got Emma some paints for Nu-Nu's house. She LOVES to paint. I was trying to teach her to clean her brush before changing colors.
Uncle Bill made a yummy breakfast/brunch/lunch. I turned my back for one sec to make my plate in the kitchen and Emma fed her baby some biscuits & gravy and scrambled eggs. She loves taking care of baby.

What a silly girl.We had a full afternoon of playing, singing, painting on paper and painting nails. It was actually her idea. I think I had left my polish out, she asked "Nu-Nu paint Emma's toes?"

She was very good at sitting still and blowing. I was surprised.
You'll notice she is frequently shirtless. I love how she wears her headbands, very 60s. She is talking SO much. I now feel like we can have actual conversations. Here she is calling Bumpa of course.
After nap(3.25hrs long!) we took Grandma and Papa out to mexcian. Emma wanted to put makeup on with Nu-Nu.

I gave her my cup of brushes and a little bit of glitter. She is so GIRLY
We finished up her look with clip on earrings and a flower clip. I always thought I wanted all boys not realizing how fun it is having a girl wanting to copy everything you do :)
Saturday Night Emma slept 12.5hrs! Can you believe it?! She didn't wake up until close to 9am. She is ALWAYS so nice to me and sleeps in. I realized later I probably should have woken her up. When I saw Jenn at Dox on Sunday evening I found out Emma didn't go down for her nap that afternoon. Sorry Jenn.

Silly Emma was helping Ruby with laundry and she came to the kitchen to show me this! :) ha ha ha.

Emma is a VERY helpful little girl. She loves washing dishes. It is amazing that she actually understands me. "Emma can you throw that away in the garbage under the sink?" "Emma can you put all your baby doll things back in the bag then put it in the toy box in the other room?" She is growing up!!!

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peteandjenn said...

Emma is VERY lucky to have a nu-nu like you. She tells me sometimes she wants to go play baby with nu-nu.