We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Just Another Normal Night At The Kelley/Kiker Farm

Sometimes Thursdays are just as exciting as Fridays, ITS ALMOST THE WEEKEND! After work RuBoo and I dressed up to make a gourmet din!
Tudy was in charge of the AMAZING one day old fresh wild chinook salmon caught by her dad. She smothered the salmon with her dad's secret sauce and bbq'd to PERFECTION. flaky moist and perfect!
Why are we cooking in red satin dresses you ask.... BECAUSE WE CAN!
I was in charge of the veggies. Broccolini smothered with crimini mushrooms in a chardonnay reduction

The boys are always so good at going along with our crazy ideas.
Nice chest Lewis!
I'd pay $25 for our meal in a nice restaurant. All four of us were going crazy! We felt so special to have fresh caught amazing salmon, THANKS STEVE! In the middle of dinner I actually asked everyone to take a moment of silence and give God GLORY because I was so overwhelmed with God's creation. ha!
We had decided we potentially saved $150 on dinner so we deserved to go out for GELATO!
Phil is hilarious, I have such a weird husband. He is wearing a very "nice" outfit.
mmm...so rich and creamy.
Ended the evening with Nachos and NBC's Best Night of Comedy!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Haha...so silly :)

Jo and Li said...

U guys are the cutest!

Ryan and Lindsey said...

Lookin' good, especially Phil in that sherpa lined denim jacket!!! Maybe I should come take cooking lessons from you girls!