We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Poor Mr Guy

Last night we had to put a cone on Jericho. He has an ear infection and he wont stop scratching. He's not smart enough to know that when your skin is bleeding you need to stop. And because he has such a fat neck we had to buy the biggest cone which makes him look extra stupid.

The cone doesn't help The Guy's hearing much. When Phil called the dogs to take a picture Jericho turned and looked the opposite direction. Ha ha ha!

Poor Jericho. He looks so stupid.
On the brighter side of things. Lewis cooked breakfast for the 2 of us. He served me delicious fresh eggs while I was working. What a good guy!

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Janelle said...

awwww that cone is HUGE!! How the heck does he EAT with that thing?! Baby Lewis is coned right now too--and hates it with a passion. He doesn't even need it...theres no way he could maneuver his little body to lick his belly anyway...yet. His favourite thing is to run fullspeed into our legs so that we have cone marks on our legs. jerk. ;-)