We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, November 9, 2009

26th Birthday Beaver Homecoming Tailgater Halloween Party

It has been a lot of fun having Phil's birthday also be Halloween. We've had some great parties the last couple of years. This year we celebrated with the Beavers!

The Beaver game was early so we had a massive breakfast tailgate!
I made 5 gals of sausage gravy, 30lbs of potatoes and Nancy made 300biscuits! We had a few gals of bloody marys and a keg!

The theme of our party was well...PHIL. We asked everyone to come dressed like Phil. It was great to see all the different stages. We had 5th grade Phil all the way to Knife River Phil.

I hope Phil had as much fun as I did, ha ha ha! I went to bed at 730pm that night and woke up at 10am. I woke up so happy and thankful for everyone that came. I love our community!

I of course was construction Phil

We had a sweet campfire! So perfect for the chilly morning
The man trio! Best friends for life!
Jake made an amazing t-shirt for himself and Phil. This inside joke is from when Phil was a live in care giver for Home Life for a 60ish year old Chinese man and when you would ask him:
"hey Richard how are you today" he'd say "not much"
"hey Richard what are you doing today" he'd say "pretty good"

The Setup. A lot of great people let us borrow their stuff for the party.
Whit let us borrow her chafers to keep the food warm. Thanks Lady!

Mitch and the Oregon Trail Wit
Bloody Mary Bar! And of course we purchased the compostible cups.
Kiker Hikers. Ruby was state championship Phil and Lewis was handyman Phil

Lots and LOTS of yummy moist biscuits!

Bemma was cute as always.
Betsy was fairy Phil
Bella was Baby Phil
Phil got some more beaver gear from my parents.
I was happy that my lil bro and dad came. My dad smoked some AMAZING salmon and pork that he pulled at the party and served. So so delicious.
Mr Jake, The Artist carved this beaver in pine needles. AWESOME
The Kirkbrides! We love them!
Baby Elizabeth was tiny pumpkin Phil
and Mr. Seth was Beavered Out.

We had some great matches of ladder golf. Brad is STILL undefeated.

Ryan in the middle was 5th Grade Phil...that might have been my favorite!
great mustache Denny!
ha ha ha Ryan was highschool Phil. overalls, necklace... PERFECT
Kenny was Asian Phil
It was great that Leslie and Josh got the afternoon kid free!
Great lookin group!
Emma is lucky she gets to boss around Uncle Bill

Brandon was all Beaver Phil, TWU Phil and hunter Phil.
Girls Love Bean Dip!

Beautiful Kayla and Elly
Bumpa and Ellyse
The Kid's table
Char and Ru
So when everyone went into the game Ruby and I had to entertain ourselves. We had ourselves a dance party.
We had a great time while everyone was in the game. We started handing out free drinks to the passing pedestrians and people loved us!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make it such a GREAT Birthday! Phil turned 26 in style!


scotty and crystal said...

awesome post!!! such a great party!!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Brad AND Lewis are the undefeated ladder golf team. That was a hell of a day :)

Jo and Li said...

This looks like such a fun time!

Fiona said...

what a great party!

charlotte&grahm said...

Thanks for having us. We had fun.