We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Settling In

I'm happy to say I've had 4 successful nights of sleep at our new house.

Jeff and Whitney started moving in last night. Our once bare living room now has a huge red couch and a HUGE tv! Seriously its huge!

Its nice having roommates, I don't think I would have done well going cold turkey and living alone. Hey, I work from home, I need people around! I'm sure going to miss my friend/mom Nancy Kelley. I'm going to miss our morning talks. I'll miss someone sitting at the bar talking to me while I'm cooking. We made such a good team! Multiple times a day I would think of a question or comment and wander from my office to the other side of the house to her office... maybe I was annoying?

We got the approval to paint...but I get so overwhelmed when its time to pick colors! I think I'll wait until Ruby gets here, she is better at that stuff.

Wanna come see our house? How about I throw a party? This weekend is the seafood wine festival.. so how about the weekend after that?


More Dorrs said...

I wanna come over!!!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun fun fun....wish I could go to your house warming!

Samantha said...

ya do it!

scotty and crystal said...

Next weekend is good for us.