We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving Update

So the house.

All the utilities are officially hooked up and installed as of today, surprising I called a week ago and it took a whole week.

Chimney Update:
We're not sure if it will every be usable. A cleaner/repair guy came out and had lots to say to Phil about why it can't be fixed but also why it still works. Doesn't make sense and we don't know who's word counts, the fire marshal or the Chimney repair man? I guess thats for IPMG to decide. Boooooooooooo! My poor guy! He put so much stinkin work into his wood shed, I hope it all works out!

The Moving Process:
It has been awesome to not have to rush out. Each Day Phil and I get a room unpacked and set up. This is the way to do it! So much better than moving all the boxes at once and living in a horrible mess for weeks. All we have left is my office, our bed and bathroom stuff. Yay! So Phil will transfer those things today while I work.

Tonight, official first night....maybe. Nancy keeps making amazing breakfrast in the morning, I dont know how I could possibly leave!

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