We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is this in our future?

Phil and I are always looking on craigslist for the perfect rental. Its hard to find a place that meets our needs and we refuse to settle!

Phil's requirements:
fireplace/wood stove
large yard for the dogs
parking(our first duplex had NO parking)

Jenna's Requirements:
within walking distance to something: friend, store or park
washer dryer (never want to go to a laundry mat ever again)
2-3 bedrooms (my office, our room, emma's room)
a separate dinning room
not stinky or dark
prefer wood floors

budget: 900max. anything higher we might as well pay a real mortgage but dont want to commit quite yet.

AND WE FOUND IT!!!! Kind of an eye-sore from the street but meets our needs on the inside and is really close to Abby and Denny's & I can walk to safeway....
except it doesnt allow pets. We begged the property managers to reconsider. So we are the first application in and they said they will call the owners and get back to us 2-3days.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

And one room for US!

The Bains said...

Can't wait to spy on you guys from our bedroom window since it's like 50 yards away :-) WHOHOOOO!!!! This will be the coolest new street in town. Let's buy out the street.

Wubby said...

wait... where do I stay!? emma has a room, an office, and now Ruby and Lewis get a room. this could be an issue. good work guys, hopefully it works out with the dogs and all

Wubby said...

my phone is jacked up. it wont send texts.... call me when you can, we need to talk

Kylie said...

What an awesome house! Hope you get it!