We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Good Weekend

Phil and I had good fun weekend together!

we ventured to the "big city" of Portland to spend the night with Tiff. We toured the Shanghai Tunnels in downtown Portland then went to dinner at Tiger Too. The best darn mac n cheese & bloody mary's this side of the Mississippi!

Tiff had to teach a class until 11:30am so Phil and I slept in. Tiff only lives one block from Hawthorne so when we woke we walked to Hawthorne to explore. Cappucino, bread-pudding muffin, farmers market, funky thriftstore and awesome fabric store. I was loving it!!! Phil picked out our fabric for the chair coverings and I found fabric for new throw pillows. When Tiffy got home we went to brunch at Genie's. Excellent little breakfast place also with AMAZING bloody mary's. I think I almost have Phil convinced how fun it would be to live in the city before we have kids, then settle down back in Corvallis.
Thanks Tiffy for the nice little visit!

Saturday Night
I got consumed in my craft projects and Phil went out with the guys. Boss Man was in town. He had a lot of fun. We found out Brandon and Kayla are procreating. CONGRATULATIONS!

Sunday+superbowl+hour long episode of The Office+lots of delicious food=early to bed!


Samantha said...

Kayla is pregnant??!!!!!!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Were you supposed to blog that? ;)

Fun weekend! Wish Lew and I were there to hang with you guys.