We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Best Renters Ever

Yesterday Phil traded walker a full days work for his scooter. They spent about 8hrs in the back yard clearing the garden beds....there is still a TON of work left so feel free to help ;)

I was thinking what good renters we were...this isn't our house! But its important to us that it doesnt look trashy, lucky IPMG.

Its nice that they got the back corner cleaned up really well, I should have taken a before picture, it was bad. Now its just trees and tulips.Can you see the gate on the right? thats the gate to Abby & Denny's Street. Can you see their house straight ahead? This is sooooooooo fun!

My garden beds. There are 5 and 2more behind for the herbs. I'm really excited to get plantin'. My friend Sara spent the summers working on organic farms in CA. She is going to help me get started.
The hard worker guy. Thanks Walker you're awesome!
We got a special visitor. The Bem came to see us!

But of course she wanted to see Jericho.Our little special friend.
Such a funny expression. She looks like a cartoon.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Fun yard!
Can't wait to hang out in it soon :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Aw...the Bem. She's so cute and getting so big. Can't wait to play with all the little ladies when I get home!

PS....Walkie...you're nice.

scotty and crystal said...

video tour please, for the family far away!!!

Wubby said...

Jeffs lookin good!