We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Where is the summer going?

Having Ruby and Lewis here is so great! We are always busy and I can't seem to keep up with my blog. Lets see....


After work Rubes and I met with Jess and baby Rubes at the fountain, unfortunately it was too hot for that so we settled for gelato. mmm.. Ruby is so cute. She can do itsy bisty spider, I loved it!

Then we met up with the boys and went to Adam's 26th at their new house in Albany. Brandon and Kayla met us. It was a lot of fun to catch up with friends. The Heidricks were in town for the weekend as well. I miss Heather, "Move Home Please!"


Having the Kikers and the Kirkbrides home(Kirkbrides stayed the weekend with us) it was only appropriate to have breakfast at Sharon's Cafe. Just like the "hole" days! I miss these kids. Why does everyone move away?

The crazy boys went golfing in 100degree weather and came home sun burnt. Kayla and I went to Albany, she shopped and I went to a baby shower and Ruby had to work at a family friend's wedding.

We regrouped, washed our bodies and headed for Scotty and Crystal's anniversary party. It was really fun. Nice Job Guys, Good Work!

Im wearing a ton of makeup, and Ruby went all natural. I hate that she can do that!

Gosh I love th0se shoes! Best purchase this summer for sure! I keep forgetting to wear them.

Phil, Lewis and Brandon wore mathcing green shirts. Unfortunately as the night went on Phil's shirt came off. He is so weird!

Kayla you are gorgeous!Brandon... hey.

Adding rockband to the party was a fun idea. We were the best. Yes, Heather is wearing a gold sequin dress.
Rooboo and Lewy. They're here! YAY!

ah, those shoes again. Love em'!

We had a hottub after party at our house and enjoyed the lightning storm. It was a great night minus the time when Chica ran away because she was scared. Bad Dog! Caleb found her in the park. I thought she was gone for good.


I couldn't seem to sleep in so I woke up super early and made everyone breakfast and cleaned the house. Dox+Broken Yoke+Costco filled our afternoon. I got busted for spending too much dollars but I needed to.

We had an Olympic Party with TK, Scott and Crystal and I headed to bed early. Unfortunately another storm kept me up. It is still thundering this morning. I can't believe this weather!

So last night was a horrible night of sleep. TK has a Ford Ranger just like us and parked in our spot next to our window. So when he left in the middle of the night I woke up and ran outside because I thought someone was stealing/driving away with our car. I had to wake up Caleb but then he reminded me that TK was here. AH!

Then at 1am I heard a huge crash. The boys left their dinner dishes in the living room, yes they are in trouble, and Chica had knocked them all over. There was diet pepsi everywhere. I had to clean up diet pepsi at 1am and I had to work at 6am. So mad.

About Chica. We currently aren't getting along.

She also keeps getting into the garbage and the recycling. No matter how hard I try to keep things out of her reach she still manages to get into something. She got a tummy ache and got diarrhea so I had to keep her outside for a day so I could schedule her a groomers appointment. And now she looks like this. A very nice summer hair cut! She apologized for being bad but now she won't go outside because she is afraid I'll keep her out there. So every few hours I have to let her out the front door, she will ONLY go out the front door.
"Hi Poppa Chuck! What do you think of my new hair cut! I miss greeting you at the door, licking you feet and cleaning your plates. Come home soon!"
Love Chica


Katie said...

I love your shoes too! Very SatC...

peteandjenn said...

Chica looks very fancy! Wow! Sorry you have to clean up after boys and dogs.
PS. Shoes are awesome. Wear them every day.