We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Emma's Day With Auntie Noodle

Pete and Jenn spent the afternoon/evening in Portland and I got to play with Bem Bem. She

helped Ruby wrap up her day at work:
"Hello, Central Dispatch this is Emma how may I help you? May I offer you a Cheerio with your subscription?"

Emma loves to play dress-up!
Emma sure likes Lewis.Emma and I headed to her home for a nap. I put her down and literally in 2mins she was out!

You can see by her position she was sitting with her toy in her hand and just kinda fell over asleep in the same position. She accidentally fell asleep on her monkey.

After her recharge nap/snack we went grocery shopping and took chica to the groomer. Yep, I tried it out and she did great. I on the other hand learned how hard errands are when you have a little one. You can't just jump out of the car real quick to drop the dog off at petco then run to the store for a few things, EVERYTHING is SUCH a process. After we got Chica we went back to see Uncle Bill.

"Yes, Uncle Bill may I offer you a cheerio. They make everything better."

Emma's favorite thing to do at our house is pull videos off the shelf.

The bigger the mess the better!

Wubby and Ruby made an excellent din while Phil and I played with Bem.
Emma usually goes to bed around 7pm, it hit 8pm and I started to worry about her not getting tired. So I took her to her home and gave her a night-time-naked snack and let her get nice and messy then threw her in the tub.
Emma thinks it is so fun to pop the plug in the tub over and over.
I put her down and again she was out in a matter of minutes. She is such a good baby! Nice job Jenn and Pete!!

I got home at about 11pm. It was a good day!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

She was so relaxed and comfortable with everyone! So cute.

peteandjenn said...

Thanks again Auntie Noodle! Well actually I think Ikea should thank you.
What a nice play by play of the day. Emma is lucky to have you!!!

Jim and Brea said...

Ok Jenna, now it's time for your own!!!

scotty and crystal said...

Nice, I like that baby.

scotty and crystal said...

Nice, I like that baby.

Samantha said...

so cute! She looks like is having so much fun with you guys!