We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Best Birthday Ever!


Tanner and Emma were the first to give me a birthday present. Emma got me a 7-Stones gift certificate and Tanner took me out to strega! :-)
Well... ok Tanner can't drive yet so it was a few awesome ladies plus an adorable baby guy. It was suppose to be about Kylie checking out the new digs but Jenn turned it into a fun birthday girls night. Thanks Jenny! I got treated to my favorite cocktail, yummy snacks and the most amazing chocolate cup desert, please go order it! SERIOUSLY!

I then met up with Wubby, Scott and Crystal. We went to Downward Dog for scrumptious $5 mac n cheese+ a beer.... I wish I liked beer!

RUBY FINALLY CAME OVER AFTER WORK! COME SEE HER ANYTIME MON-FRI 8-5! Especially 3-5 because Ruby gets off at 3 and I still have to work until 5.

So as Brandon would say... Phil and I get a 5 out of 10 for our communication. I thought we were going to the fair and Phil thought I canceled because I told him we weren't buying concert tickets at the fair. So fair canceled but we had an awesome night with Brandon and Kayla. We hit up the Woodsman for excellent Thai Food (separate Thai menu, its funny) We had a sleep over and spent the whole night talking.

"You just have to go out and experience things because its the memories you will Remember!"

Brandon Kirkbride, August 1st 2008


We woke up bright and early to get the best bacon in town at CD&J's (at least according to the sign in their window).
After breakfast we said good bye to Brandon and Kayla and took Jericho for a nice stroll in the park. He loves baseball.... well most "stealing" the bases.

After our walk we made a plan to go the the "farmers market" downtown. Ruby stayed home.

YEAH RIGHT! We didn't go to the farmers market, Phil checked me in to 7 Stone Spa(click here)... once again Emma and Phil are telling secrets.

Ruby showed up shortly after with a change of clothes. The spa was more than amazing... if you remember Jenn's blog, it was LIFE CHANGING, you don't really know until you are there.

I can go into great detail about everything they offer but I want you to see it for yourself. All you need is to show up. We didnt need all the stuff Ruby brought to get ready afterward. Literally, they have everything you need to get ready complimentary.

We got the 90min "exhale" facial and it was the best experience ever. I prefer it over any massage! This facial is different, it includes massage and hand treatments so get this one, promise you wont be disappointed!
I can't describe the feeling I felt after my facial: paralysis, spiritual drunkeness, high on life. I was saying the stupidest "deep" things and found a phone, called Phil just to tell him to go play 18holes of golf???? Phil, see why I should get one once a month now?

After our treatment we had a spa lunch. Ruby ordered it for us.

The ceviche was yummy... but not as good as Chad's. .. hint, hint!
After lunch they retrieved us for pedicures. All the while refilling our complimentary wine.

The put heat packs on our shoulders and customized our lotions. It was soo nice.

After our pedicures we took naps then steamed. We spent 6 1/2hrs there, it was sooo easy!

After the 6.5hrs at the spa Phil picked us up and we went to Downward Dog again for more mac n cheese... I just love carbs and cheese, its a problem.

I came home to cards in the mail, packages on the door step and blogs to read. Thank you friends and family for making me feel sooooo special on my birthday!

Phil hit the sack early so Ruby and I went with Wubby to play some awesome rock band at the Winkies... Ruby LOVES rockband.

The normal routine+eating out+shopping+babies at the fountain+unexpected BBQ Party.

Scott and Crystal made some super yummy soup. Jeff and Whit were in town as well so we had a hottub party.

It was a GREAT end to the perfect birthday weekend!


JW's said...

Can we please go this week!!!!!!!

Jim and Brea said...

Wow, I must check this place out!!