We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, August 18, 2008


I just made a post about Chica and I not getting along.... how is this possible that literally as Im posting she gets into the garbage. WHAT THE HECK! I just cleaned the kitchen, tied the kitchen bag and made sure the door was closed because I know how bad she is! I think I just need to put a baby gate in the kitchen. At least every other day something happens. Diarrhea bottom, gum in the beard. Every time people come over the first thing I have to do is warn them about Chica.

She is such a good dog but gets stressed when her mom and dad are gone, she must be acting out just like a child.

Dear Chica,

Why do you hate me?

I went to to the kitchen to refill my coffee and all I could do is scream "Are you kidding me!". Then I couldn't find Chica, but I guess Ruby saw it first and put her outside. Sorry if I woke you up Wubby. I may be having a nervous breakdown.

PS: It is still thundering outside! I opened the window so it would be louder. I love it!

On a happier note,

after I took pics of Chica's bad behavior I found these pics of Betsy and I at Dox yesterday.

Betsy wanted to try on my glasses so I took her picture.
Then she wanted to do the same. I held the camera while she pushed the button. She put my glasses on upside down.

Then she gave me an oreo. I didn't ask questions where it came from, it was gooood!

Hi Betsy! Im looking forward to being your Asian Nanny!


Papa Chuck said...

Dear Jenna,

You deserve a gold medal for putting up with Chica. She has a good heart, but some times she just can't control those canine instincts. Plus, she has a sin nature...and has not learned how to repent properly. Hence, no real life change.

Anyway, let her lick your feet for me!


peteandjenn said...

Dads comment is FUNNY! I loved it. Chica is probably a bigger sinner then the rest of us.

scotty and crystal said...

I think you should get Chica a muzzle...no, I'm serious. They make cloth ones so it's not uncomfortable and then she can't get into EVERYTHING.

More Dorrs said...

I actually have a baby gate in my trunk that I am not using...interested?


Samantha said...

oh my gosh you DO need a gate! That's horrible! Cute pictures of you and Betsy. I can't wait till you have kids!