We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My New Favorite Thing


So I haven't been good at keeping up with science.
I didn't get my first IPOD until last summer when I won the Dox raffle but the Peter broke it... thats ok because Phil almost burnt down their garage.

I finally purchased a shuffle and Im in the process of downloading all of my old favorite music from high school. Ben Kweller rocked my world.

Yesterday in Winco I decided to take Ben grocery shopping with me and I had a very hard time not dancing to (click here) .... ok so I was dancing while grocery shopping I don't care if I looked like an idiot. BYE!

1 comment:

Katie said...

yay! if you love Ben Kweller, that means you'll love Ben Folds, which means that I love YOU!

good music...