We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My Golf Career Has Started

I hope to be the next Michelle Wei... is that her name?

Last night we went to see Jeff and Whit at their new Salem homestead. They live directly on a golf course and have golf included in their rent.

I've been patiently waiting the appropriate time for Phil to teach me to golf and last night was the night.

I went for the first time (other than put-put golf) and played 9 holes. It was a par-34ish and I hit an 83...oops
I need practice. but it was a lot of fun.
Phil had to teach me all the rules. I kept getting busted for talking when I wasn't suppose to. I felt like such a girl!

There are way to many clubs and I dont know what any of them do! My favorite was the Lob Wedge...I kept calling it the Log Wedge, I didn't know any better. Phil told me not to use it and it was only for getting out of the sand or high grass but for some reason I hit better with it, my drive and my put... so what!

Now all I need are these purple clubs... oh yeah, and to get good at golf!..... and maybe some new outfits. he he he


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Girls will try anything if they get a new outfit out of it!!

Jim and Brea said...

So, I just started learning and I have decided that I really want to get good at golf. Let's do it together!!

JW's said...