We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I forgot about the 4th of July

Phil and I left Thursday night immediately after work for Redmond. We spent the weekend with Jimmy and Bre. You've probably already seen similar pictures on their blog, so what.

We went to Fossil, Or. for a bluegrass festival. this was a tiny tiny town but with a really cool court house.

Make sure to stop at the Hardware/Liquor store when you visit Fossil. Everyone knows its ok to use tools and drink at the same time.

Why Fossil? Well, Jimmy has been working on a project here for months or something. He pretty much knows everyone including the Mayor and "mama". "Mama" is the bartender at the Shamrock. She likes to adopt people so she adopted Jim. You guys know Jim... so imagine how funny this bar was!
Check it out. Cattle theft is a serious problem in these parts. I need to catch me some bad guys and collect the reward!

Jimmy was raving about this amazing burger:

Jumbo Burger Part 1
Jumbo Burger Part 2

Jumbo Burger the end. (Giant yummy burger, best I've ever had. The beef must be from local farms)

God Bless You Jim.
Im sad you cant tell how beautiful this was. I asked Jim to pull over on the way home from Fossil because I had to take a pic. I don't really like how dry central Oregon is but I sure love the rocks and stuff.

Saturday=Golf Day and Salon Day. Bre got some very natural looking highlights and I got a very unnatural perm.

I asked my stylist Kim, "so how many people get perms these days?"
Kim, "not many."
I asked, "So who usually gets them."
Kim replied, "older people."

Im bring'n it back my friends! This is a bad pic from my phone directly after. I asked her for some body because my hair is so flat and thin. It came out a lot curlier than I had expected but it should relax soon. I LOVE curly ponytails, thats the main reason I got one. I usually throw my hair-up because I rarely "get ready" these days. Now my pathetic ponytail has some kind of "oomph".

After Golf and hair we went out to lunch with the guys and Brandon. It was fun to see him. I guess he was with Kayla's family in Bend. The boys slept all day while Bre and I shopped at the Old Mill in Bend. Saturday night we drove to Sunriver, Jeff and Heather joined us. We had a fun night and a very competitive game of pictionary. The boys won but only because they are cheaters.

We ended our fun filled weekend with a 2ndTry-30th-surprise-birthday party for Jessie Wise. His original party was Monday but sweet Bella was born. Next year will be a joint party.

This concludes our holiday weekend.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Hey...nice long post...I still need more pics of the hair though...ya know!

Jim and Brea said...

Good fun Jenna! So glad you guys came. Maybe next year we can go to the 9th annual Fossil Bluegrass Festival!!

Janelle said...

I am a perm-lover. can't wait to see more pics.