We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I love being busy! I need to remember to take pictures!

Monday Night:

It was Jessica and Casey's night for Abby's postpartum meal so they cooked at my house. It was funny having Bella, Betsy and Ruby.
We had yummy Turkey Tacos. Im going to start buying more turkey, I loved it.


I took the day off and had the opportunity to hack away at my to-do list. My license expires on Saturday, happy birthday to me!

Unfortunately it took me 6hrs to get my licensed renewed. LONG BORING FRUSTRATING STORY.

Community group was BBQ night. We had....TURKEY burgers. I think there is a trend I've been missing out on. We had a jersey party. Phil, Wubby and I had matching jerseys we found at goodwill.

Wednesday Night:

I got to cook for the Kirkbride Family. Chad is one of the best people to cook for, he is sooooooo appreciative for Filipino food, it just makes me want to cook more!

Adobo- chicken stuff

Lumpia- beef stuff ( I used Elk, taste the same)

My food didn't turn out normal?? The lumpia were exploding open and the chicken was very bland.. I've made this meal 100 times, not sure what happened. I guess I should do a re-do before Chad leaves.


cjvandenbos said...

jenna you're such an amazing cook/hostess. I really need to take some lessons from you! Love ya happy birthday week.

ps....i want some lumpia!!!!

Sarah and the City said...

yumm....tacos are good. you and ruby need to come up for girls night out!!! and we can go to my taco place.