We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Once Apon A Time...

I used to be a dancer, it was my life for 4-plus years, I went to college to dance... wonder what happened??

So last week Jessica asked me to come help judge Lebanon's try-outs for next years team. All these funny old feelings came back! I remember being so nervous, trying my hardest to impress the judges we would spend hours getting ready in our all-black attire, pin our #'s on our shirts and practice the routine over and over.. It was so weird being on the other side of the table! Those girls were so young, wow I was sooo young!

Junior Year, all the juniors. (Our state theme was Bob Fosse... this is why Im not allowed to watch Chicago ever again, I didnt stop dancing and singing for daaaaays after)

Senior Year, Senior Captains (I had smaller legs... I want those back!)
Senior Year, our theme was "See The Light" or something, can't fully remember but it was such an appropriate theme considering the summer before I had accepted the Lord.. we danced to a compilation of songs that my coach didnt care were Christian songs, "This Little Light of Mine", "Keep on Shining", by Natalie Grant, "Coming out of the Dark", by Gloria Estefan, our choreographer even prayed with us. So sad they probably would get in trouble for that today...

SO, IN THE CENTER you'll notice Shannon from "Making the Band" and Danity Kane, yep she was a our choreographer! So basically you can say I know P. Diddy!
Check her out! She is the first blonde that sings and the BEST Dancer: click here


Heather said...

You're like famous!
I wish I was around to have watched yourguys' dance routines...I loved watching the dance team cause I know I could never do that...

reunion dance off? I think youguys should! and I can judge!!! greaat! :)

The Bains said...

Jenna, I LOVE those H.S. dance pics. You and Jessica are so cute!

The Drakes said...

that's so cool jenna! i've actually not heard of her or the group she's with now because i am NOT cool. i bet you were fantastic! -- j