We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Made It

Im here! Im very excited to be with my friends.

This is a picture of Portland , Or. It was dark gray and rainy the 2.25hrs it took me to get to PDX, but I seem to have forgotten that on the other side of the clouds there is beautiful blue sky and bright sun.... I think there must be an analogy there or something....
Once apon a time for Fiona's birthday 2 years ago Ruby made the yummiest homemade, organic chocolate raspberry cake and I have been craving it ever since... well she surprised me with a "welcome home" cake! ganache frosting and fresh raspberry filling mmmmm. On top was a fresh sugarless whipped cream to balance out the richness.

My breakfast:
Ruby and Lewis are spoiling me! here you will see fresh squeezed orange juice, jalepeno bread from the farmers market, turkey sausage with thyme veggie eggs, topped with fresh basil from Ruby's garden... so good!
We have our own Central Dispatch office. Time to start work and pretend we aren't in our pajama's.
I brought Ruby a halfBirthday present (she is 23.5), the new soundtrack for Sex and the City, we'll be listening to it all day.


andando said...

Love that cake! Hope you guys have tons of fun. I'll be thinking of you at midnight tonight..or maybe I'll be asleep?

Sam Schnake said...

That cake looks sooooo good. I want some. You should make me one for my birthday this tuesday... It may not be my birthday, but I don't remember you making me a cake on my actual birthday so... you know. Get on that!

peteandjenn said...

Ruby you're good at things! And pretty! Is your hair darker?