We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Time To Grow Up

So.... I'm tired of listening to my husband have "grown-up" conversations about politics, business, the economy, ect. I do care about what goes on in our country but I have a "Gone With The Wind" visual in my mind where women are upstairs changing out of there elaborate dresses for nap time and the men are in the study smoking cigars, drinking whiskey and discussing the war. Times haven't changed that much: Phil is in the hottub, smoking cloves and drinking scotch, Im cozy in my PJ's watching America's Next Top Model....
This morning as I was eating my mislabeled grapefruit, "California RED Grapefruit" (it wasn't actually the red variety but the normal kind, I was very disappointed) I reflected on Beka's recent post... "Americans need to care about what is going on in the rest of the world"

"Time-Out!" I don't even know what is going on in our country and that made me feel really irresponsible.
Im a stay-at-home wife, I should have plenty of time to educate myself on "grown-up" topics. Im not making any promises, I might get bored, but Im going start listening to NPR at work.........(after I check Nordstrom's and E! Online)



The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Way to be...

Jake & Beka said...

Jenna -

This post makes me happy. NPR is my life. I can't get enough of it.

some of my personal favs:

This American Life
The Splendid Table
Prairie Home Companion
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Car Talk
Whad'Ya know?
Fresh Air

Of course, I love All Things Considered and Morning Edition. I listen to them both driving to/from work.

I am obviously a nerd.


Samantha said...

good job jenna! I listen to that sometimes too and I feel very smart when I do. Like I know everything.

Jim and Brea said...

It's ok Jenna. You can leave the actual thinking to the men. Just keep the food hot, and the sex available, and life will continue to flow smoothly.