We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Evolution of Nicknames

I don't call very many people by their full first names... here are some of my favorites:

Ruby is Boo: Ruby-Rueben- Rueben Carter-Carter-Rubes-Boobs-Boo

Tiffany is currenty Ticky: Tiffany-Tiffy-Tiff-Tuff-Stuff-Steff-Stephany-Tickany-Ticky

Michaela is Quail-Face: Michaela, Michael-A, Mac, Macquaila, Quail, Quail-Face

Angie is Pants: Angie, Ang, Anch, Anchie Pants, Pants

Phil is David: Phil, Will, Bill, Mr. Guy, Mr. Bubble, Bubby, Babe, Dave, David

Emma is Small: Emma, Bemma, The Bem, The Small, Small

Jessica is Ka-Ka: Jessica, Jessie, Jess, Jessi-Ka-Ka, Ka-Ka

Brandon is Uncle Randy: Brandon, Bwandon, Brandal, Randal, Randy, Uncle Randy (when Jericho was born)

My current names:

From Ruby and Lewis: Jenna, Jenny, JJ, J-Hole, Jenny Bootsraps, Bootsraps

From Phil: Jenna, Jaimie, Damien(most current)

The Most Creative Nickname giver goes to Barb Trask:

Ruby: Dolly
Walker: Walkie
Graham: Grahambo
Steve: Wally

The Most Unfortunate Nicknames go to Adam and Vara:
A-Hole and V-Hole... (I think it might have been Ruby's fault because she calls me J-Hole)

Any time Phil and I discuss future names of our offspring I find myself thinking it is more important the name can make a good nick-name then the actual meaning or sentimental value of the name, funny!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

those are some good ones!!

peteandjenn said...

I liked this post Jenna! Made me smile.

Michaela said...

Cool Post. Good subject. I like the name Quail-Face. I have to say its the most funny.. random.. amazing nick name I've ever been given.