We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Emotional Casualties at Work

So I had a couple of very sticky complaints today. I used my arbitration skills to the best of my ability and ended up with some very unhappy customers.

One particular customer I had to inforce the rules, she was an extremely unreasonable woman and was doing very bad business. when we hung-up she didn't actually hang-up and I could hear her talking to the other people in the room...

"That was that stupid 15 year-old over at central, they should just fire her and put everyone out of their misery, next time this happens Im going to do everything I can to screw everyone over"

HA!!! I wasn't offended at all. I thought it was sooooo funny! When people are extremely unreasonable it makes me laugh. I hung-up immediately so she didnt catch me.
Ruby and I worked 12pm-5pm today, it was a short day but for some reason it seemed soooooo long but at least it is FRIDAY!

We are going to BBQ and play catch tonight...tomorrow probably relax but Sunday........DISNEYLAND!!

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