We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lewis the Homemaker

Dear Lewis,

Your nice! Thank you for making Ruby and I the greatest 1pm cocktail hour! You're homemade guacamole was sooooooo delicious and the freshly shaken Cosmos were so refreshing by the pool.

Dear Lewis,

Thank you yet again for being the best host! It was so pleasant to come home at 3am and find that you had already made my bed on the couch, it was even more pleasant to wake up at 11am to the sound of you making us breakfast which you then served by the pool! Sorry I encouraged Ruby to spend all your money last night. Love you!

Yesterday after work Ruby and I spent 4 hours shopping the Colorado Blvd for our perfect Carrie Bradshaw outfits... oops, I spent all the money!


Samantha said...

wow, you really did spend a lot of money! I'm sure it was worth it though. :) You girls look so cute!

peteandjenn said...

Money? So what!! I would rather by a heat pump.