We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Star Struck

I had a really fun, busy weekend with my friends Jenn, Emma and Moses. Pete was outta town for a speaking engagement so we had a SLUMBER PARTY.

Emma and I rented a super sweet Barbie movie and watched it on a projector in the playroom, she ate almost a whole thing of popcorn! We didn't finish the movie, what 2yr-old can sit through a whole movie? My confession is that after Emma went to bed I just HAD to find out if Barbie got accepted as a Musketeer...good news her and her friends saved the prince and reached their dreams! ha ha ha

Silly Emma woke up at 6am on Saturday! CRAZY. We wanted to let Mama and Mo sleep so we went on an adventure. Her and I played in Fred Meyer for an hour, then got hot chocolate at Coffee Culture. We sat at a table and colored Wyatt a birthday card for while we waited for the stores to open to get Wy-Wy a birthday present.

I dropped Emma off at her house and rushed home to prepare for a fun little get together with girlfriends to meet baby Mo that Whit, Ruby and I threw. A Cocktail Luncheon!

Whit made an AMAZING lunch. Amazing! Her salmon dip is my favorite!!
She also made this delicious flourless chocolate cake that tasted like heaven!

Vodka and Gin cocktails with all kinds of yummy juice mixers
Abby Amanda and Lindsey
Jenn and Jasmine
Jessye, Leslie and Avery
Sisters Ruby and Beka
Tall skinny hot girls Kayla and Whitney
I look horrible, no shower and old make up, but Jaimie looks cute. She has the cutest baby bump with a tiny little baby boy inside!!!!
Kari, Dawn and Ami
Jenn and Erica. Erica was also throwing a huge 2yr-old birthday party, her son Wyatt, so nice of her to squeeze us in!
Baby Mo was a trooper! No fussing at all getting passed around the room.

After our girl party I rushed Emma to Wy-Wy's 2nd birthday party at Peak Elite. Have you been? I didnt even know it existed and it was AWESOME! Abby was saying us as adults should rent it for a party and just play, ha ha ha.

After the party I rushed home to clean my house as to not leave Ruby with a huge mess. I was happy to find that some people were still hanging out. Emma got to play with Baby Ellyse, Brandon and Kayla for a bit while I cleaned.

Got Emma home in time for bath-time and I ate a ridiculously large amount of salmon dip. I literally passed out Saturday night. The couch in Emma's playroom is REALLY cozy! I was amazed at all I had accomplished in ONE DAY!

Sunday Emma woke up super early AGAIN. So we went out to breakfast to Sam's Station. Everyone needs to eat there if you haven't and eat there more if you have. My vote is the best breakfast in Corvallis. Order the Strata or Shirred Eggs...AMAZING! After breakfast we went to my house to play with Bill and the chickens and we had a special special visitor!

Beka had made a joke on her blog about meeting AJ was like meeting a "celebrity"....SERIOUSLY it is. I was sooo nervous meeting him Friday, and I'm not sure why! I'm glad I got another visit so soon!

AJ LOVED Emma. He is already showing so much confidence with the older women. I think he just really liked her butterfly.
Auntie Ruby!
These two are going to be hanging out a lot together. Beka! Remember last summer when we were jealous the mom's got to play with their kids at the fountain while you and I worked at our desks?!!!!!! Dang, I'm still at my desk.
Beautiful Beautiful Boy.

Ruby keeps cancelling out my hard workouts at the gym with her delicous baking!
I can't stop eating these!

I took Emma home just before nap and packed up my stuff. Thanks Bem for a fun fun weekend! I've spent 15days with this girl and now her Auntie Ky-Ky is here. Last nights my roommates busted me for talking like a toddler. What am I going to do with my free time????

Ruby and I had a nice Sunday afternoon of more salmon dip, sewing and girl movies.

After Dox we had Jeff and Heather Heidrick over for American Dream Pizza... can you believe how these girls have grown!!

Maggie and Lily

They spent most of the time trying on my princess dresses (lingerie) and coming out to show us. So funny.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Maggie and Lily are so cute....
Ayeresam needs to come over more!

And we had a full weekend....lots of fun.

Abby Bain said...

Wow...great blog post!