We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

1-2-3 ZUMBA!

I'm not CRAZY...ok maybe I am!

Sometimes I get ideas and get super excited about those ideas and then take my ideas way to far.

A little over a month ago Heather tried a Zumba class at our gym(I unfortunately slept in that day). That morning I received an email from Heather stating: "Jenna I have found your calling!"
I spent all that next week eagerly anticipating the Friday Zumba class and I FELL IN LOVE!

I only been to 4 classes and have experience 3 different instructors. Each instructor has a different style and level of intensity. Depending on your instructor, you'll get a fun mix of latin, hip-hop and even Bollywood style dance aerobics!


Phil's pretty good at calming down my crazy ideas. I think I'll continue to take the class for a few more months then reevaluate my spending the $$$$ for certification. until then...

Timberhill Athletic is doing a Benton County Foodshare fundraiser having a 2hr Zumba class for members & nonmembers. I invited and showed my bestfriend Jessica, former co-LHS and co-WOU dancer some Zumba videos and her first response was "I want to get certified to teach!" So maybe I'm not THAT crazy. We can open our OWN studio... thats when I start to get crazy.

I wont be singing while instructing!


Marissa said...

I LOVE Zumba!! I totally want to get certified as an instructor too :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Our tuesday class definitely DID NOT look that good. So funny :)

Jessica said...

we are so doing it....i'm looking into opening a studio here in leb. you can come instruct with me....ahhhhh i'm too excited even casey is excited about the idea. lebanon needs a solid studio so badly. plus my aunt goes to S.H. to take her class so I know we would have interested people

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Your mom is the perfect woman to manage it! I'd like to be an investor as well as a teacher!

Kari Riley said...

looks so fun!

Abby Bain said...

Jenna is that you teaching :-) Seriously, it's totally your calling!

Pamela Joy said...

I LOVE Zumba, we had free classes when I was in college. Our instructor was this awesome Christian woman who talked about reclaiming our sensuality as woman and getting in touch with our physical bodies.

You should definetly be an instructor. You'd be great at it.

Janelle said...

Very cool. Reminds me of some dancing I saw on TV last night: