We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

All American Weekend

We had an AWESOME weekend in Lincoln City last weekend. Our good friend Jim was home for Iraq for 2wks and he and his wife Bre bought a house for few of us friends to partay.

Jenn and I left early on Friday to decorate the house with American Gear. Everyone missed the first beautiful sunset. The weather was unbelievable all weekend.
I didn't take a lot of pics but the ones I did take were 90% babies. We had an Adults Only weekend with a few newborns.
beautiful Jenn and her baby man.
Friday night would be wine, cheese and appetizer night. Each meal was to be family style at the table. Sat we had Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, snacked for lunch and had an American BBQ for Saturday dinner. I ate so much meat! Pork chops, steak, sausage..... Sunday we got to sleep in and had pancakes.
We had a designated American puzzle table. There were 11 of us and we did not complete it.
Each couple wore matching sweatsuits. Unfortunately Phil forgot my luggage so I had to improvise. Jim took me to Goodwill and bought me a really beautiful wardrobe.

Jeff and Heather made HILARIOUS suits with a giant cross eyed Jim.
Lovely Kirkbridges.

Here's what Jim found for me. A nice night gown. Jim picked out a few pant outfits, a shorts outfit, 2 swimsuits, 2 jackets, a nice summer dress and this little number. I changed outfits multiple times a day. Too bad I don't have a picture of my "casino" outfit.
Sleeping Mo Mo. I realized I spend SO much time with Bem I don't get to hold Mo very much. I held him every chance I got.

The lovely hosts.
Something weird happened to my camera but here is the crew...
oh Brandon.
I can't wait for Jim to get home for good in 2months so him and Bre can make one of these.
I can't believe how fast baby Elly is growing!!
more baby
and more baby
Mo looks terrified. Elly was trying to eat him.
Strong boy holding up his head. How cute.
The crew out on a nice sunny stroll. (Dont you love my dress and jacket?)
Baby Mo's first day at the Beach.
Mo's first trick.
We love the babies...do get it yet?
Ellyse isn't afraid to show off her curves.
The house was awesome. Each couple got their own room. It had a great deck with a great view. Sunday afternoon Pete, Jim and Phil led us in an awesome time of jammin and singin. We pulled out all the old Hub songs we all loved so much. This was my favorite time during the trip.
On our way home Jim IV, Bre, Glenda, Jim III, Phil and I went to the Casino and out to lunch for III's birthday. Jim III you are so much FUN!!!


The Kirkbrides said...

So fun! Jenna you looked real nice all weekend. Ya Jim and Bre make humans!! Such cute pictures of the little Mo man!

Jim and Brea said...

We'll do our best to make kids as cute as yours! Thanks everyone for an awesome weekend!!

Chris and Sarah said...

Fun times! Sorry to say that I am liking the authenticity of Pete's fresh morning face.