We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Kelley Fam

Thursday the Kelley Family got together at Papa's Pizza to welcome home Chuck from his Latvian travels. Papa Chuck had not yet met 6wk old baby Mo.
we love our cuddly Mo-Mo
Emma, with my help, took pictures of everyone. Teaching her to use the camera is a great distraction while waiting for our food.
She loves taking pictures of herself.
Cousin Elizabeth
Aunt Karen
Auntie Crystal
more Emma and Nu-Nu
more Bill and Elizabeth
Friday night Uncle Bill and Dada had an out of town birthday party so Bem and I had a girls only sleepover at Nu-Nu's house. Our last few dates when I ask her what she wants for dinner she says "soup please with noodles". Emma LOVES asain soup! Especially Pho. She even eats the weird meatballs. This time we went to Blue Sky for some Chinese. Once again we played with the camera while we waited for our food.

Saturday afternoon we went Whacky Bounce.

Emma's artistic angles.

me and my bestfriend.


The Drakes said...

heavens to betsy jenna! i love your blog. why don't i read it more often? instead i have to scroll back to catch up, but it's always a good time :) thanks for the well-wishes on being pregger. if i didn't feel like crap i'd come visit you all. -- j

ryan said...

You should visit Cidicci's Pizza. It's like Papa's Pizza, only without the huge play area and everyone who works there hates their job. Sounds like fun eh?