We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Upgrading Technology

Most of you know I work from home for an online company. We make a lot of calls and we have to have a landline... but that means I can only work from my house and I hated that. I thought I was pretty cool with my Vonage V-Phone. Its a USB device with a headset plugged into it. its 25.95 a month and I can plug it into any computer so that allowed me to visit Ruby for weeks and Angie in Portland. My stupid Vonage freezes up a lot! After a year of using my Vonage I'm totally annoyed with it.....but I refuse to get a landline.

Since the last time I researched Skype, they have added some new options (new to me, I'm slow with technology) Before, skype allowed you to make calls from your computer at a very low rate. I make a TON of calls for work so a per minute charge didn't work and people need to call me back so Skype was never an option to me. NOW SKYPE OFFERS an unlimited calling plan for the US @ 2.95/mo! and I can "buy" a phone number so my customers can call me back for $30/year!

Hello! I just saved my company about $300/yr! I'm really excited about my new skype phone.

I'm waiting for corvallis to get totally hooked up to WI-FI, Skype has a wireless phone that operates off of WI-FI. Man, I'm so done paying over a $100/mo for a verizon cell phone...so DONE!But it says its only available in Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Sweden and the UK. Come on! USA get with it seriously!

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