We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bad Jericho

Last night our suspicions of our lil' Apple being preggo were confirmed. She went into labor around 6:00pm. We took her to the vet around 9:00pm. After 3 xrays we could see the tiny little puppy... Jericho's puppy. The vet had to measure the baby's head and Apple's pelvis to make sure a natural delivery was optional.

Apple and I discussed calling a Doula and whether or not she might prefer a water birth, we just kept it simple.

Apple was giving birth to her sister???! During Apple's first heat we kept them apart as long as everyone had suggested, just not long enough.

We took Apple home and were instructed to take her temp every 2hrs and monitor her breathing all night. Right before pushing her temp was suppose to drop and we couldn't let her push for more than an hour. After a sleepless night Apple's temp was going up hinting at infection.

Phil took Apple to the vet at 10:00am for an emergency csection and it turned out that the lil' puppy (Grape) was dead and rotting inside her, the vet said it was too messy to try to save Apple's uterus.

No puppy
No future breeding for Apple
Lots of bills

We love our dogs, love them but they are also an investment. Jericho has helped out a lot paying for Phil's school. We got Apple for the main purpose to breed. We were hopping that by selling this puppy we could cover all of the medical bills, bummer. One thing after the other keeps going wrong. We're SAD and TIRED and STRESSED.

Rest in Peace lil' Grape.


Rest in Peace "Neigh"

Sorry Emma but Jericho ate "Neigh" last night, he was probably really stressed out over his pregnant wife/daughter giving birth to his daughter/granddaughter.

Bad Dog

Special thank you to Jenny for bringing us breakfast and dinn and Mum for cleaning our kitchen! Love you guys!


peteandjenn said...

Poor poor apple and grape.
Darn you Jericho.
Sorry Jenna, what a terrible day.

charlotte&grahm said...

What a sad story. Poor Apple.

Abby Bain said...


What a crazy few days you've had!

I'm sorry.

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Yikes....Sorry Jenny. Wish we could of been there to help with the stress management. Poor everyone. Jericho needs to be punished.

scotty and crystal said...

Ah man, that sucks. Thinking of you guys and wishing we could be there too.

Kylie said...

Aw man Jenna, that sucks. Sorry that you lost Apple's ability to breed :(

Janelle said...

oh no! (wow how do you tell a dog to push?!) what a sad story. poor uterus.