We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That Time of Year Again

Its that time of year again when the weather gets gray, dark, cold and wet and I get sad, bored, antsy and crazy.

Its also about this time every year that I start to plan our annual Christmas/Anniversary vacation but for some reason I'm not inspired this year. We've been to Cabo the last 2yrs and a mexican cruise for our honeymoon. Phil and I are both burnt out on Mexico. We plan on going to Jamaica next year for Christmas/Anniversary/Phil's graduation... so maybe this year we'll keep it simple? Mountain Retreat? ugh, too cold.

scrolling through our old Mexico photos is giving me the itch to get to nice weather. Maybe we'll try Cancun this year THEN be done with Mexico for a while?

Got any suggestions for Cancun? Ky, Jimmy, Ki-Ki?


Kylie said...

I would reccomend and of the Palace resorts. We LOVED Moon Palace. I think you should go there! Let me know if you want me to talk to my contacts for you :)

Kylie said...

And PS - It is 75 and sunny here. We will be gone most of Christmas vacation. You can stay here :)

The Vinyards said...

Golden Parnassus is an all inclusive adults only spa and resort in Cancun. 10 minute walk from the mall, great beaches, food and staff. It was perfect! We booked through Costco and got a great deal--got pics if ya want to see! Miss you!

Christine and Ben said...

What about Costa Rica? Ben and I ear going to be there for 2 weeks in December. I can't wait! I'm a summer girl! Look up Playa Jaco, Costa Rica, it's amazing there!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Come to La Manzanilla with US!!!

scotty and crystal said...

Too bad you weren't burned out last year and you could have come to visit us in Africa.