We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend At The Kelley Farm

Friday night we didn't have much planned, Whit had to study so Emma came to play. Super cute as always.
She needs to learn that when you play peek-a-boo you cover both of your eyes.
Small little friend.
Saturday Phil and I sleeeeeept in. It was nice. Then we put or boots on and walked to dogs to the coffee shop. I love living so close to things. On our way back we dropped them off at the groomers. 2 of our neighbors worked their. It was nice to meet more people and talk "bulldog", one of the girls has 2.

I vigorously cleaned the house, swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted ceilings, windex windows inside and outside, bleached and scrubbed the bathroom while phil worked on the kitchen. What a good teammate.
We got done about the same time the groomers were done, so nice to just walk to the end of the street. The dogs had bows on their collars, so funny.
We later spent the evening in Lebanon with my fam, I love going home, my family KNOWS how to cook, I ate enough calories to last me for a few days.

It was rainy and icky, but life on the farm you need to work rain or shine. Its gettin time to start planting our garden so we spent the day weeding and cultivating....in the pooring rain. Sara came to play with us. She spent the summers working on organic farms, she has a lot to teach me.

This is our bed for beans! Fresh green beans is one of my favorites!
We cultivated the beds and weeded the patchs between them and layed down fabric. Today Phil will be ordering some barkdust to cover our paths to keep it nice.
I spent a super long time cleaning our straberry beds. Each little plant needed lots of care clipping all the dead off. We weeded/hoed/raked until night time, it felt so good and so human to be outside working. I love the smell of dirt.
Our Future herb garden. There is already sage and mint, Im so excited for summer bbqs and fresh mint for mojhitos! mmmmmmm

After a hard days work we made a super yummy soup full of hearty veggies, cant wait to make the soup fresh out of our garden.
An updated ribollita, a hearty, comforting Tuscan vegetable soup thickened with lots of crunchy bread.

You must smother it with a ton of fresh grated parmesean.

So hearty and yummy and its fun to eat. Hot soup on the bottom, then cheese, then toasted ciabatta then a layer of fresh basil and cilantro. All the layers make it so much more interesting than normal veggie soup.

After dinner we planned the layout of our beds and started a few onion-starts. I have a bunch of other starts to get started, our dining room is going to be full.

I'm turning into my mom!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Oh I love it! Can't wait to come help and make fresh and yummy dinners together every night!!

scotty and crystal said...

Super cool guys, I totally miss gardens and walking to things. When did Sarah get back in town?

love you,