We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, March 13, 2009

copying Sarah and Mrs. Dorr

I loved the posts about google "what ____needs". So I googled "what Jenna has". and let me share the first 10 things that popped up-

Jenna has the role for Scarlett
Jenna has a court date
Jenna has a room for rent in a flatshare
Jenna has it all to swim for Britian
Jenna has just awoken from a coma
Jenna has proven herself to be a wonderful actress
Jenna has taken this topic in hand and created a very readable and often hilarious book
Jenna has been teaching and performing dance since 1993
Jenna has decided to take a stance on another challenge of global proportions
Jenna has a contagious spark that attracted me the first day we met

I cant stop googling names now. its so funny!


Chris and Sarah said...

I see that you had a good review as an actress....



OK, I just had to try that with my name. First thing that popped up: "Johanna has cooties." I don't think I like this game! :-)