We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to Normal

I just accomplished 1900miles and 28hrs driven.... Ruby and Lewis are walking 2,650miles and aprox 5months!!! too crazy.

Last Friday Phil and I drove through the night...ok, PHIL drove through the night to get our Lew and Boo and bring them HOME!

This is me very very very tired.

I had 4 full days in Pasadena to try all of Ruby and Lewis' favorite restaurants one last time. We ate at an awesome inexpensive mexican joint. My huge breakfast was only $4.99, nice!
Ruby and Lewis had several going away parties including a huge kegger and a quaint Ethiopian feast. Dikat, their neighbor, made us the most delicious food!!!!! I need to get all these spices and supplies, I loved it all!
Of course I cant spell any of the names. I loved this chicken dish with whole hard-boiled eggs.

some lentil stuff, cabbage potato stuff, and some yummy sour bread stuff. It was very hard, we had to eat with our hands but you couldnt get your hands dirty or lick your fingers. I tried my hardest and gave up.

We said goodbye to Rick's and ate a delicious cheese burger on sour dough, sad good bye to Magnolia with their monday happy hour and delicous mac n cheese, said good bye to The Hat and ate a huge chili dog!

We also went to HOT POT. soooooooooo good and I heard there is one in Portland so we all HAVE to go together. I had a lot of fun with all of the Kiker's Fuller friends.
Lots of veggies, meat, noodles dipped in the boiling broth to cook and eat. Very communal and very delicious.

There was a spicy side and a regular side. Spicy was toooooooo spicy for me. Most of the guys had sore lips afterward.

Fresh mango smoothie goes great with the hot soup. Also the squash and handmade green noodles were my favorite.

After lots of unpacking, setting up, cleaning we are finally settled in. I postponed hanging anything on the wall until Ruby was here. I HATE hanging things on the wall and trying to make things level. Ruby and I are a good team.

Phil picked this for me this morning. Its from a giant bush in our front yard. What is it called? Do you know?

Ruby and I are back at work, next item on my list is finish getting the garden in!


Jill said...

So, I have answers to your questions. But first, why are there no pics of all you projects??? Well I am very lazy so I don't like to sand or prime anything-it takes too much time and my kids can only watch Dora for so long. With the frames I just kept spraying small coats and letting it dry in between. It wasn't the best coverage so that is why I kind of scuffed them up with sand paper-and I love the effect. Anyway my whole philosophy is that everything looks better spray painted so keep it up and take pictures! :)

Garrett, Carolynn and Jack said...

your flower looks like its a striped hybrid tea rose. :)

tree hugger said...

looks like lots of good pasadena food, makes me miss the people and the place. let's all go to hot pot in portland!


I think your flower looks like a striped camellia. Our pink camellias are blooming right now, and the flowers on our bushes look sort of like the one in your picture. Very lovely (whatever it is) - and what a nice husband you have, to bring you such a sweet bloom.