We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Nice Man

Work has been rough the last few weeks. Understaffed and Overwhelmed... sounds like a lot of people are in the same boat. Yesterday it got to me. I mentally gave up. I feel like I have a mountain pile of work and I am picking away at it with a small teaspoon.. can someone please bring me an excavator? I don't see myself "catching up" ever! Phil saw how sad I was yesterday and brought me a nice "flowering succulent". Thanks babe I love you too.


JW's said...

maybe if didnt blog during work you could get caught up:)Hahahaha

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

I blog while people rant, I tune them out and let them say their ish while I post cute photos of the Bad.

More Dorrs said...

Jenna...I feel the same way. I've been working 10-12 hours at the office, then bringing more home with me. And I never seem to even make a dent in any of it...the piles are just growing!!! I feel bad becuase I don't have any time for friends or new babies or things like that. Blah....I'm jsut spewing my bad thoughts out. Sorry to vent on you.

I'm sure it will get better, but right now it kind of sucks.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Sorry Gena!

Succulent is such a good word!

peteandjenn said...

Sorry jenna. That sucks.
Tell me what you're craving and I'll make it for you for tonight. Anything.

The Guy and Tiny Asian said...

Top Ramen