We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August and Stuff

August has been a good and busy month. Phil and I ended spending 4weeks in Bothell together and he spent an additional 2 weeks without me.....it was just too boring and Wubby was home to visit.

Saturday August 7th Phil and I came down to Portland from Bothell(he had to be at the Vancouver office Monday and Tuesday for "intern days") and met up with my fam for the Oregon Bite. I was AWESOME and my first time.

My parents treated us to a night of wine, food, wine, dancing and wine :)
My dad LOVES to try different foods just like me or maybe I'm just like him...either way we both were excited. There was a featured Chef's Tent with a sched of different chefs selling small plates of amazing food for $4 each. I could have spent all day at the chefs tent trying all the good food.
August marks my parent's 30th anniversary.
We had a great table with a view of the bridges. Phil got way to excited when a barge drove?/floated? by and the bridge raised.

There were multiple stages featuring small acts, cooking demonstrations and live music. My parents LOVE to party....especially my dad!

we met up with Tiff(aka Stephani) and Christina for a bit. Those girls are Craaaaaazy.

Monday the 9th I had a very special visitor bring me a very special birthday gift. Miss Ellyse and her mama Kayla came to see our apartment and visit for a few hours. I miss those kissable cheeks!
Tuesday Aug 10th Phil went back up to Bothell and I went down to Corvallis to visit friends and family. Ruby has our week documented... I got too lazy. Wednesday was a very special evening. I got to hangout with Wubby and Nate visiting from AZ and miss Angie visiting from...? well not sure where she calls home. We've been friends since middle school and we hadn't hung out in ages.
Wubby, Ruby, Lewis, Nate, Heather and I were a pretty powerful clan for a few days we spent the weekend of the 14th in Portland and had a wild and crazy time, I couldn't keep up with those AZ folks.

The week of Monday Aug 16-Fri 20th I spent alone while Phil was in Bothell. I got sick...boo but it was a good week of relaxing and hanging with Tiffy.

Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd Ruby, Lewis, TK and Jenny stayed with us. Phil got home late late friday night.

Ruby and I started the night having a nice dinner just the 2 of us and desert at Bread and Ink on Hawthorne. Very very good. Bread and Ink own Waffle Window and our chocolate dipped waffle was divine!
This summer has been a summer of eating....I couldn't think of anything better!
TK requested we hangout at the Bagdad...his old stompin grounds back when he used to live in P-town.
Ruby Lewis Tk Jenny and I took an $18 taxi ride to The Bye and Bye on NE Alberta to meet up with friends. Tiff and Sarah Nolde hungout. So fun! Phil drove straight from Bothell to meet us...what a trooper.
I missed my guy so much. See how much he missed me!!
Miss Jenny and Ruby.... Future sister-in-laws!
The TK. So happy to see him on his short visit home from Paraguay.
Tues Aug 24th to Thurs Aug 26th I came back down to Corvallis for our niece Elli's first birthday party.

Tuesday night I got to see my Bem and Pete & Jenn and the small guy Mo-Mo. The made me a delicious dinner! I love and miss them...they're nice.

Wednesday Miss Elli turned 1 then I went to Mark's show at the Cloud. It was fun hanging with friends.

Thursday after a day of sickness I went back home to Portland to see my Phil.

Friday night date night we walked to Ken's Artisan Pizza on 28th and Stark. Soooo good. Very similar to Intaba's in Corvallis as far as method of cooking...the pizza crust at Ken's was chewier.

I loved my ceasar salad. Why chop it? Its more fun to eat in spears.
Phil ordered the calamari, delicious.
We shared the sausage onion pizza. I liked it. The menu was very short which helped indecisive me actually choose something.
Today, Saturday the 28th I got to sleep in, go for a run and hangout with my mom. She was delivering a puppy to the airport and the flight got delay so I am taking the puppy for her. Isn't it cute?!!
Its so tired in here.
So I'm caught up. Its Saturday evening and Ruby is on her way and Lewis is already here. The boys are taking naps and I'm blogging at Stumptown. I wonder what we will do tonight... COOL BYE

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