We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Day With Emm

Peterman was in Redmond for a wedding so we took Emma off of very-pregnant-Jenn's hands.

Its always fun having Emma at our house. She loves to sit in Bill's giant pillow chair! The queen in her giant chair looking at me like "Nu-Nu, seriously... you're interrupting Mickey Mouse!"
After the Rose Bowl we thought it would be fun to take Bem to Portland for an overnight trip to the ZOO!

On the car ride up to Portland Emma was cracking us up. Just singing all her favorite songs.

We found a hotel with an indoor pool.

Emma loved jumping to me. over and over and over....
Watching Elmo with Bill.
We got a room with 2 queen beds. This is how a 2 year old can take up a whole queen bed!
Emma is ready and excited for the Zoo! She brought her baby to show them the monkeysPretty funny ugly goat
Lucky Emma got a stroller. I'd like an adult stroller for days like this.
Emma can you say "sturgeon"

It was at this moment that Phil and I realized Emma would never survive in the wild.
The cutest 1yr old baby elephant!

The monkey was copying Bem
This guy woke up from his nap and walked all the way up to stare at Emma. We think he wanted her baby or cookies.
He just STARRED at Emma. It was incredible!
And ANOTHER animal dropping what they are doing to come say hi to Emma. I think she's like a wild animal whisperer.
We spent about 3hours at the zoo and this is what happened...
Fun Portland getaway bemmers.

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peteandjenn said...

So so fun/cute/nice. Emma loves you guys, thanks for loving her (and us!)