We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mo-Mo

Phil and I have had a fun full last 4days. We had Emmers for 3nights while mama and dada were a tiny bit busy giving birth to Mo...

Emma is a silly silly girl that LOVES Beyonce. Hard to get her to sing it full out. We prettymuch have the music video on replay all day.

Emma is talking so much. When she says a word wrong I have a hard time correcting her because its so darn cute.

Every time Emma comes over she ALWAYS wants to call Betsy.

Big Girl Emma loves her new princess boots and Nu-Nu's fake glasses.

Mo was very thoughtful and thought he would come in the early afternoon on Sunday. Perfect timing for Emma's nap. We got to wait in the waiting room with Bumpa, Bill, baby Elly, Uncle Branen, Ki-Ki and Ruby.
We were so so EXCITED! It was a good day.
Ruby took Emma so Phil and I could visit P&J in the delivery room. Emma would have gotten confused and sad to see mama in a bed. When it was my turn to hold mr. man I couldnt hold back the tears. I had to take a min. ha ha ha

Our new baby friend! We love love him!
I'm excited for Mo to wrestle Jericho and go on a dump truck ride with Bill... you know, boy things!Nu-Nu needs to buy more boy toys! I've been surrounded by girls!!!

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