We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Full Fun Christmas

Phil and I had a very full FUN Christmas Week.

We love our best friend/family overlaps that allows for the best holiday Celebrations.

Phil and I spent the week with my family, his family and the Kirkbrides. I of course dont have any photos from Phil or my family's celbrations, whats wrong with me?

The Kirkbrides had their Christmas Crab Night and Christmas Eve early.

The beautiful new family of 3
Sister-in-laws with the same name.
Babe? You look like Kurtis!
Cocktail hour.
Have you seen anything cuter? Twas The Night Before Christmas.
Phil and I love the time we get to spend with these folks. We love them dearly.

Christmas Eve we had a roommate reunion slumber party at Pete and Jenn's. We ate soup, watched a movie and slept next to the Christmas Tree. In the morning we had an amazing Christmas breakfast. Sharon, Brad, Chad, Kylie and the boys came over and we had french toast. Someone, not sure who, was very smart and started experimenting with Bailey's Irish Cream french toast. SO GOOD!

Bem got some fun princess things from Nu-Nu and Bill for Christmas. She looooves dressing up!After the awesome Christmas breakfast Phil and I spent the night in Lebanon with my Family. We had a delicous Christmas dinner at my Uncles newly remodeled beautiful home.

Then the next morning we headed to the Kelley's in Philomath for some delicous Indian Food. This year instead of exchanging gifts, each couple told the family what they would like from the family. It was a thoughtful, creative idea, some examples: Scotty and Crystal want us to a snow day and Pete and Jenn want us to spend a day at Camp Tadmor.

We were exhausted from the long week, I think we went to bed at 830?!

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