We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Cheer

This Christmas was our first time decorating our OWN house since we first got married. So we did it RIGHT with 3 christmas trees. It was fun having aaaaalll of Ruby's decor and mine.

We got our trees from the Kiker Tree Farm. We made a fun day out of it. Started at Coffee Culture for creamy warm mochas. mmm

- Found it! What a nice shape.

- Family photo opp.
- Since we were already there, why not get TWO trees. We picked a perfectly shaped Doug Fir and this cute little Noble.
- The boys...they're good at doing man projects together. P.S. Nice facial Hair Phil.
The Real Action Click Here

- With two trees and peppermint schnapps in hand we were in the Christmas spirit and ready to transform our cozy little house into an even cozier little Christmas cabin.
- Stringing up the tree....did you notice Lewis' very nice Christmas sweater :)
- The Noble has all our ornaments and the Doug Fir has all Jenna and Phil's ornaments on it.
- The finishing touch.

This is an ornament we got as a wedding gift.Decorating the BIG tree in our front room.

Our tree looked so tiny in the lot but HUGE in our house!
Nice Work Lewis
- The boys tricked us and each already had a present they wrapped and stuck under the tree. They might of just wrapped empty boxes, we'll have to find out. A special time of year with special people. The night was wrapped up (nice!) with a game of Settlers and some grilled cheese.

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