We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Senior

My baby brother is all grown-up! When did this happen? He just finished his last season of high school sports. My parents are soon to be empty nesters! Lucky them! They finally get to breath and just hangout with each other, I wonder if that is weird? 28yrs they've had kids in their house!

Growing up all of us kids were really involved in sports and school activities. They always said that school was our 'job' and as long as we got good grades and were active they'd pay for everything but if we weren't involved in after-school activities we'd have to get a real part-time job, I wasn't interested in that, ick! My parents were super involved, not just as fans but as coaches and volunteers. My dad even went to our practices, he LOVES sports! Maybe back then it was slightly annoying but now I'm really able to appreciate it. But I think most teenagers think their parents are annoying and slightly embarrassing?

Anyway, Kenny Dee had a lot of fun polevaulting this year. Man, it is sooo hard! I don't even think I could run with that stick thing let alone fling myself up in the air. It's really fun to watch. I'll miss going to his sports but I guess its just a small break before Ruby's dance recitals, Betsy's soccer games, Baby D's cross country races, Emma's tennis matches and Ching's Mathlete Meets.

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The Vinyards said...

I can't believe it! Seems like we should still be sitting on your couch watching Power Rangers with him!