We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Wogging

I did a body workout. Our gym membership is $100 a month and I have a issue with not going. I got my quartly energy to start working out again and its right on schedule. Every 3months or so I get this energy to work out and eat right. Maybe I'll stick with it this time?

I'm officially on day 3. I went on a nice wogg yesterday. Its pretty awesome that Corvallis has so many bike/running trails. My route is 5.5miles and it takes me an hour because I'm too out of shape to run the whole time. Wanna go on a wogg with me?

We can also just walk it. So pretty! Farm fields, covered bridge and old houses. Just call me after 5pm and say hey Jenna lets go walk your route and I'll say "Cool!"

I also put in my mini wog that I can do on my lunch break anytime between 12 and 2.

Phil and I used to call this "club sexy body" this time I'm calling it "club smaller pants".

Biking/walking maps click here


Mama Notes said...

dude I'll do it with you as soon as I get my stroller!

Christine and Ben said...

haha " club smaller pants" That's so funny


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

5.5.....jenny that's a lot!

Nice work. I got your texts. I am in Pas right now. cool bye.

Jessica said...

i'll come sometime...i like to walk and talk

Abby Bain said...

Denny and I start our "Lets not be so chubby anymore" plan on Monday. We are going to restart our membership an Timberhill. I used to do that exact route on your blog last year. So pretty :-)

Unfortunately Denny and I will have to do a lot of workouts at Timberhill because of the childcare. Hey, maybe we can run from there? A loop from T-HIll to Walnut to 53rd to Harrison to 29th. ??????