We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Redmond 6degrees, Corvallis 27degrees

So we're here! Made it safely over the crazy pass it only took 4.5hrs... I had to ride most of the way with no pants... we took a potty break and I got my pants all snowy.

So last night Jim and Bre had an indoor soccer game. They won, hooray!! Bre is incredible, I had no idea she was such an amazing soccer player! Jim had the best goal of the night... he tricked the goalie and kicked the ball backward and scored, it was amazing the whole arena was laughing!

So after a freezing night, it got to minus 12 degrees, we had to start the morning right with breakfast at Bre's new place, FINALLY i get to try it out and.........
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! No, REALLY! Im not just saying this because Bre is my friend but they have the best, most gourmet breakfast I have ever had. It is such a cute little coffee house, and you would have no idea that they have the most amazing 20yr old chef. I plan on trying everything this week!!!

So today I had the Benedict of the Day, yep he has a new one everyday its awesome!

A Dill Parmesean Bernaise Sauce over a poached egg with candian bacon and a slice of thick rosemary toast. I guess the chef won a cooking contest a gift certificate for fancy meat and wine so that canadian bacon was like a $50 slab or something.
I could only eat half...here are my leftovers:

Phil is working with Jim all week, I think he is building a patio or something? I guess I should know why we're here but I dont ha ha ha?! We are totally unprepared for this weather!! I didn't even bring a winter hat!! The snow is amazing, its so dry and powdery, its weird to see people sweeping the sidewalk, Valley snow is so wet.
Hey Ruby here is my office for the week. It's fun to have a change of pace. Jim thanks for letting me use your 4-in-one.

So I sorta rearranged our room so I could face out the window...I hope Bre doesnt mind but Im kinda weird and love rearranging people's homes/rooms.. when Jess and I lived in the dorms I would rearrange our room once a month, she hated it! Thanks for being so patient with me Jessi!So everyone is working this week, its hard, I wish we could all just PLAY!!!

Sorry for over using 'amazing', 'awesome' and the exclamation point!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Now I can visualize where you are as I talk to you online. Hopefully Bre doesn't kick you out for messing with her stuff ;)

cjvandenbos said...

hahaha...you taught me many things but i think patience was by far the most important :) thanks