We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Emma's Not Doing Her Job

I've been Emma's Asian Nanny every Wednesday night for the last 5 or 6 months I love being Auntie Noodle . I rely on her to fill my desire-to-have-a-baby-void but last night Emma did not do her job!

So I've had the pleasure of watching Emma 4 nights in the last week
So our typical bed time routine

bath time to wash her dinner out of her hair
go to her room and change into pjs initiates the crying
turn all the lights off/low in the house to tell her its mellow time
give her a sippy cup of soy milk and look at books
when the soy is empty its the end of the world
7:15-7:30 down for bed with 5-10mins of crying.

Last Night

Jenn already had her bath done.
I put on her pj's one arm/leg at a time while chasing her silly naked bum around the house
turned down all the lights
gave her the soy as she cuddled on my lap then moved to sitting at my feet.
the soy was out, THEN no crying... she just sat there and stared off into space.
Emma then turned around, looked at me, smiled and reached to be held.
we sat in the black chair and just hugged, i rocked her and rubbed her back, it was so peaceful and sweet.
I walked her to her room put her down in her bed and she didnt move!
I covered her with blankets and rubbed her back for a while and snuck out, NOT A SOUND!
asleep by 7:15!

ps. we had a fun time at the park this last weekend Saturday's weather was amazing. I took 300+ pictures with my new cheapy costco camera. It has a sepia setting. I'm avoiding going through them.


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

DON'T.............It will be the end of us :)

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

I love Emmers little booties.

The Bains said...

DO....it will be the best thing ever :-)

tree hugger said...

I understand feeling both a pull to have kiddos and a pull to enjoy life without kiddos for a while longer... thanks for the good post on the topic.

scotty and crystal said...

Do, so I don't have to!!! :)

peteandjenn said...

I love the slide picture so much!
You can have one more year of being young and crazy and then it's time for you know who to come out and play with his calculator.

peteandjenn said...

PS. You're the best nanny ever. Actually don't have kids. I need you.