We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another Afternoon at the Cafe

I went on an adventure all by myself... terrified of driving in the snow! I needed to go check on Brea and make sure the boys didnt blow up the Cafe.

Oh, and I took a leg razor and started shaving my hair to give it texture... I got a little too carried away and gave myself bangs...so what!

The path before me to the shop was intimidating. So snowy, it was hard to see, but I had 4wheel drive and I survived.
Eveything was under control, in fact they were have a blast! Phil shouldn't finish his degree, we should move to bend and wash dishes for the Cafe... WAY MORE FUN. Brea let me make my own drink, its been over a year since I've touched an espresso machine and, well...

its like riding a bike!!! I sure miss it! Maybe Coffee Culture needs a weekly volunteer, I'd work for free, its that fun for me!
Phil-Gil was the best/hottest damn dishwasher I've ever seen.

He also took a turn as the chef, phil made my lunch and a few others.Kristy made a delicious potato chowder and Phil made me their Walnut Salad with feta, cranberries and strawberries.

The best part was the parmesan lace bowl! Isn't that beautiful?! Taste amazing!

Im suppose to be getting in shape for Cabo... naaaaaaahh! I'm already married, I dont care who sees my chub rolls anymore! ha ha ha


Neal and Kristy said...

Okay Jenna, you are hired as our cafe's official "blogger" public relations person! You are amazing! Oh by the way, you have a job at our shop anytime you want! Love seeing your smiling face at our counter each day and Phil is one TERRIFIC dishwasher. I told him he is aspiring high!

The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

hahaaha....phil looks so cute in his whites.

You loved fried crispy cheese!

The Bains said...

Thanks for documenting your trip!!! Even though I don't see you everyday I still miss you. :-)

cjvandenbos said...

i love the bangs...super hot on you! and i love all the pics of bre's hard work...good job bre! i promise we will visit whenever we make the journey in that direction :)

peteandjenn said...

Yum, it all looks sooo good! Emma misses you, come on home.

CalebWayne said...

you guys are having WAY too much fun without me...