We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mini Car for a Mini Asian

FINALLY!! After almost 3yrs of car shopping and test driving we committed to my "ranger replacement"!!

My very own Mini Cooper!

The Story:

Jim Roe started helping me find a new car since before we were married. We knew my ranger was going to explode soon so we wanted to be prepared. We knew we wanted to buy used so Jim called us every time he got a quality trade-in that he thought we would like. We've almost purchased a handful of vehicles but we always chickened out! Phillip knew that I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED Mini Coopers so somehow that got passed to Jim.

Yesterday Phil got the call that Power got in a 2003 Mini with 70K miles and Phil almost bought it to surprise me... so crazy. So when he called to ask if we still want a car payment I made the previous post.... no idea that I would be buying one! We went after work and I was instantly in love with my new baby car. We had to drive it to Pete and Jenn's first to make sure that Emma approved... she gave us the go ahead so we put $1,500 down and bought the sucker!

I couldn't stay asleep this morning, I woke up early so I could sit in the car, read the manual and play with buttons. I love cars that have fun features... I have so much to learn.

From my key you push unlock once for driver, twice for passenger, hold down to roll down windows and open roof.

One of my favorite features are the buttons on the back of the steering wheel that i feel when I grip the wheel to adjust the volume/mode/seek... took me a while to discover them.Switch from automatic to mannual.

heated seats, and audio sensors in seats that know if I'm driving by myself so it adjusts the acoustics accordinglyLots of room for Emma's car seat.
front moon roof opens.

Im a tiny bit silly I know. Who really cares about all this, right?!

Im just so excited, I've never picked out and purchased my own car... I feel more adult-like. ha ha ha!


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Yay...so fun! It looks fancy and the perfect size!

More Dorrs said...

Come see me in your mini car!!!


Jim and Brea said...

Go Jenna go! I love your mini.
Can't wait to ride in it/drive it if I'm extra careful:)

Michaela said...

I'm jealous!

Sarah and the City said...


peteandjenn said...

You deserve it after driving around in the red truck for so long. Emma's still planning on buy it from you when she's 16.
Great car! Still can't believe you got it!

Heather said...

JENNA!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! When can I ride in it!?

Jim and Brea said...

it's not an audi....