We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This N That

Saturday after Betsy's Birthday Jeff and Whit came over and gave Apple a VERY NICE present.

She wasn't too fond of it but she was sooooooooo cute!

Also on Saturday evening Emma came over to play. She went nigh-nigh in Mee-ma and Popa's room. When it was time to go, Jenny let Phil and I wake her up... there is nothing sweeter than a sleepy baby. Phil was holding her and singing to her. When Jenn took her away Bem was reaching for Uncle Bill.........at that moment I REALLY had the itch to make some of our own humans. Phil is going to be such a good dada.
So as a surprise for Mum and Dad Kelley, Wubby cleaned the carpets yesterday

(Im assuming they are in transit and won't see this blog until they get home)

can you believe the difference! The house looks sooooooo good. This was the dirtiest part of the carpet, lots of dirty foot traffic from the hottub.Happy Anniversary Pete & Jenn. 4yrs of fun.

(sorry I couldn't find a better picture, I none of the both of you but hundreds of your baby)


The Lewis and Ruby Blog World said...

Nice to all of the above.

Samantha said...


peteandjenn said...

Vomit in my mouth over that picture Jenna. Pete looks good though.

CalebWayne said...

not fair Jenn... Pete ALWAYS looks good

peteandjenn said...

True that WUBS

Michaela said...

apple looks so cute.

JW's said...

apple is so hot

Kylie said...

Follow your "making human" itch. It is fun :) And PS - after hearing your story I chickened out of getting my IUD yesterday!

scotty and crystal said...

Have a baby!!! That way I don't have to. and yes, that was Jason's mom, Debbie. Small world.

PS. Apple is cute!!!! Sad, but cute.

The Hurts said...

wow jenna, guess you better have a baby now!