We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Science,

Please replace fruits & vegetables with carbs & cheese on the food pyramid!

today I had chips+cheese for snack and noodles+cheese for lunch... can't help it.




Michaela said...


cjvandenbos said...

OMG...hahahaha you crack me up jenna!!!!!!

The Drakes said...

ok, so i'm out of blog world for, what, a week? and i miss like your whole life! i had to go back three pages i think!!!!! i LOVE your blog. always witty and informative. i'm jealous of your family's farm. agreed: carbs and cheese are the best foods. :) -- j

*p.s. thanks for the post on fiber-rich cereal. was it kurtis's bowel situation that prompted that post or his love of bland, fiber-filled breakfast foods? either way, i acknowledge that we are way too open with our personal life.

The Bains said...

my mom and i laughed pretty hard at this post. you are so funny.
p.s. thanks for my "get healthy abby" plan. you are so nice.