We're On Island Time!

We're On Island Time!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

No One Understands Me..

I've decided to keep a list of names that customers call me when Im answering the phone for customer service:


Jenny and Jennifer make a little more sense, it doesn't sound like Jenna but they probably just say that because they forgot my name.

but seriously do I have an issue with enunciating my words?

Let me know, ok!?

I asked Ruby if she has this problem, people call her : Rudy and Ruth


Jim and Brea said...

I always say my name when I answer the phone...."Environmental Insulation, this is Breanne." One guy this week responded. Hello Fran! I mean come on!! Fran!!!!!!!

Chris and Sarah said...

What's wrong with Sarah?

Beka said...

I think I am going to call you Joan from now on.

B.S. and Mrs. S said...

I think you enunciate your words just fine!! My 3 names people always think I am are: Esther, Hannah, and Shannon..."samaritan orthopaedics this is heather" ...I don't know how they get shannon from that - but it happens all the time!


Oh, brother, don't even get me started. These are some of the names I get in place of my given name Johanna: Joanne, Joan, Janna, Joanna, Jonna, Joanie. Good friends call me Jo, family from way back call me Joie. That's why I was determined to name my own kids with names that were common, and didn't have to be sounded out or spelled out to others, and were also very obviously girl or boy names: Sarah, Jake, Ben, David, Hannah. :-) Love, Jo (or is it Joe?)

mellens said...

thats really wierd.. I usually get Sam or Samantha?

The Winkleplecks said...

Brian, Ron, and John here. Mostly just the first two though. Oh and one more thing, I'm sorry for this...

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy! *cheers*

... I had to.

peteandjenn said...

In my new job I have only answered the phone twice but at Merv's I was ALWAYS Jan.

scotty and crystal said...

Did Ruby help you fix your hole?

Katie said...

people usually get my name right, but apparently I sound 10, because I get called "sweetie" at least once daily by complete strangers.

Carolynn, Garrett and Jack said...

joan, when you don't update your blog i have nothing to do with my day.